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Paypal Payment Option
KAMvoices has added another convenient payment option for you folks out there who prefer to make payment via Paypal account or credit card.

Surcharge does apply in accordance with Paypal's transaction fees but if you would like to take up this option, please let us know and we can easily arrange it!
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Chris has been a professional actor for over thirty years and has worked on the stages of most of the major theatre companies in Australia he is also a veteran of the screen, although, lately he is becoming a little concerned. In the last few film and television appearances, he always dies! He has been eaten by rapters, nibbled on by great whites, stabbed by geriatrics, shot by an irate father and rubbed out by the mob. Is the industry telling him something?
When the industry hasn't been clamouring for his talents, he has worked as a bouncer, a carpenter, a professional fisherman, managed a garage and worked in the mines (some people have unfairly suggested he stay there)
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