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Paypal Payment Option
KAMvoices has added another convenient payment option for you folks out there who prefer to make payment via Paypal account or credit card.

Surcharge does apply in accordance with Paypal's transaction fees but if you would like to take up this option, please let us know and we can easily arrange it!
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Georgie‘s secret to a balanced life is her pet baby turtle..Henry. Georgie and Henry enjoy basking in the sunshine, swimming, seafood and generally just hanging out. Like Georgie, Henry is a great listener and loyal companion. Particularly when life’s pressures can hit hard and deadlines weigh upon us.

When not hanging with Henry, Georgie loves ridiculously themed dress up parties, her most recent debut (pictured) involved sporting a Mexican moustache ( quite successfully would you agree?) and cooking. However, she finds ‘sticking to the recipe’ awfully restricting and not at all creative. Consequently her food ‘mash ups’ are rather infamous amongst her nearest and dearest.
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